True Pacifist

by toastwaffle

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Here's a fun little tune I made about being a pacifist and stuff!



I’ve fallen down a great abyss
and found that something is amiss
Just know I come in peace,
and we can get this sorted out,
no need to pout~
And I’ve traversed a snowy scape,
and met a skeleton with a cape
Hey guard dog, have a hug
That’s what you get for trying to kill me,
now you feel me, so let’s go~

I was sent down to this land
to help in any way i can
Got so much love inside,
my heart’s about to burst
it gets hard sometimes but hey,
if I’m with you then I’m okay!

uuu, uuuu~ uuu, uuuu~
Don’t you know I’m gonna set you all free?
uuu, uuuu~ uuu, uuuu~
I will show the way and give you guidance,
to not use violence

After some time down underground
I know like everyone in town
played their games, learned their names
I’ve heard so many on my journey,
my memory’s blurry~
So come and hold my hand, my friend
Let’s fight for love ‘til the bitter end
And if we get hungry,
we’ll go for hamburgers at Grillby’s
If you’re willing, to be my friend

(chorus again)

But if he doesn’t give me any choice
What if I lose track of that inner voice,
that compels me to lead my life without hate or greed
That just isn’t me

So hey King Asgore
You ain’t got nothing on my friendship power
There really is no need to be so sour,
‘cause the world is ours,
and we don’t have to listen to some crazy flower!

(chorus again)


released February 13, 2016



all rights reserved


toastwaffle Sweden

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